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Flue gas treatment plants are offered in combination with drying and/or combustion technologies. Comprehensive process knowhow combined with selected flue gas cleaning technologies enable compliance with stringent emission limits. Gaseous treatment using advanced thermal and catalytic oxidation processes enables control of odour from municipal/effluent treatment plants, NOx and dioxin abatement, and removal of VOCs generated by solvent using/producing processes.

Gas Cleaning
CALVERT® Collision Scrubber

Utilises a special collision process for maximizing the action of venturi throats. Ideally suited for all types of incinerator off-gas cleaning applications as well as for any other applications requiring high particulate matter collection efficiencies.

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BIOWAVE® Scrubber

BIOWAVE® is a proprietary bio-scrubber system for off gas treatment using a collision scrubber and biological treatment with thermophilic bacteria. The Main advantage is no packing for mass transfer and hence no plugging.
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VOC Control
BIOTON® Biofilter
Utilises naturally occurring microorganisms to destroy VOCs and other odorous compounds by converting them into Carbon-di-oxide and water. Low operating costs and low maintenance are key benefits of this technology.
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DYNACYCLE® Regenerative Catalytic Oxidiser (RCO)

Designed to reduce VOCs including chlorinated and sulfur containing compounds in process gas vent streams. The system’s low temperature oxidation/heat recovery combination results in a very efficient RCO with low operating costs and high removal efficiencies.
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DYNACYCLE® Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)

A highly efficient process for thermal destruction of VOCs that utilizes regenerative heat recovwery to minimize fuel costs. Designed to achieve upto 99% removal in a single tower design.
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CINCLUS® Multifluid Thermal Oxidiser
Efficient process for thermal destruction of VOCs and pumpable fluids.  Low emission levels could be achieved and destruction efficiency > 99.9999%.
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Odor Control
BIOTON® Biofilter

BIOTON® is a biological cleaning system. The heart of the system is unique BIOTON® filter material. Its high specific surface area guarantees a good performance of large volumes of low concentration VOC application combined with compactness of the installation.
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These are specially designed and engineered scrubbing system to scrub off gases using froth zone technology.
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CALVERT® Mist Scrubber
Engineered to provide effective control of odors from various waste water treatment and composting processes. There is no tower packing to replace and no recirculation of chemicals; a combination which greatly reduces operating costs and maintenance costs.
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