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Indirect convective drying technology is the safest way to dry biosolids due to the very low oxygen vapour atmosphere (<2% or 2.5 times below the lower explosion limit).  We offer evaporation capacities ranging from 300 kg/h to 14000 kg/h per machine.  Integrated treatment of the vapour stream is included. It can produce partial or complete drying with dry solid content between 25 - 90%, and conversion into hard, dust free granules for safe disposal as non-hazardous solid waste or for use as fuel.  A complete range of combustion technologies are offered for the ultimate treatment and thermal valorisation of  segregated municipal solid wastes, liquid and pasty wastes of industrial sludges and slurries; hazardous bio-medical wastes etc., with flue gas emission levels for CO, NOx, CxHY below 50% of EU limits. The hot flue gases are cooled in waste heat recovery boilers for low, medium or high pressure steam generation. Proprietary anaerobic digestion technology for concentrated effluent streams is an excellent source of biogas. Biogas generated from waste treatment processes can be used in biogas engines to produce electricity in boiler system (steam production) and hot water producing boilers.  

Indirect, convective drying is the safest way to dry bio-solids due to very low oxygen vapor atmosphere (<2% or 2.5 times below the lower explosion limit).

HYDROGONE® Horizontal Disk Dryer

The dryer can be used for partial or complete (>90%DS) drying.
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PUTT-ART® Dryer-Granulator
The dryer can be used to produce hard, dust free granules with >90% dry solids content and a very narrow size distribution. The dry solids can be used as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) in boilers for steam generation.
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DYNAFLUID® Multifluid Thermal Oxidiser
Thermal oxidizers for thermal valorization of pumpable suspension, slurries and liquids with or without heat recovery boiler.
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Especially developed for combustion of wet municipal solid waste, hazardous medical waste, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), packing waste, etc.

TURNOVER® Rotary Furnace

Flexible rotary furnace for thermal valorization of solid,liquid and pasty wastes; hazardous medical waste.
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HELIOSOLIDS® Fluidised Bed Reactor
Fluidised bed furnaces for evaporation-gasification-combustion of wet sludge or thermal valorization of industrial sludge and slurries with or without heat recovery boiler.
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